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Official Statement regarding Point Two Air Jackets with regard to recent posts on Twitter Eventing

Point Two launched the new ProAir2 Bayonet Airbag system in October 2012 – this system is tested to the SATRA M38: July 2012 – Requirements for air-vests for use in Horse Riding, intended to give protection in the event of a fall to ground. The SATRA technical specifications involve impacting a body protector which has been inflated to the internal airbag pressure recorded at 0.3 seconds after triggering. Some of the test apparatus and impact performance requirements are identical to those specified for EN13158:2009 Level 3 Body protectors.

Since Point Two introduced airbags to the equestrian world back in 2008, our goal has always been to make a recognised standard that all airbags are tested to.

BETA Level 3 standard for Body Protectors is a worldwide recognised standard. The beauty of this is that if your body protector is marked with this label you can be assured that the vest you are purchasing meets the minimum requirements of the BETA level 3 standard. So no matter if you’re spending £50 or £300 you are equally protected, therefore you as a customer are able to make an informed decision when it comes to your safety, unfortunately this is not the case with air vests.

Point Two’s goal when working with SATRA, was to make the step forward in creating a standard that all air vests should be tested to.

SATRA is a Notified Body for various European directives including personal protection equipment (PPE) and is one of only two recognised test houses that BETA accept test results from, despite there being over 100 test houses in Europe. The chances are that your BETA Level 3 body protector was also tested by SATRA.

SATRA along with the Injured Jockey Fund, Dr Michael Turner, Chief Medical Officer and Point Two, carried out extensive research to develop the M38 & M39 (jockey vest) standard which we believe all air vest should be tested to so that you, the customer are purchasing a safe and reliable product. We are pleased to see that other airbag companies are now following suit and are also testing to this standard, including Charles Owen. SATRA will not CE Mark any air vest unless it meets the M38 minimum requirements.

Unfortunately vests manufactured before October 2012 (screw fitting) do not meet the minimum requirements for the SATRA M38 standard, although at the time of production this was the highest standard possible. Therefore we are offering customers the opportunity to upgrade their old jackets for 50% off a new Point Two Air Jacket rather than spending £60 to service your old vests that do not meet the M38. Whilst we do appreciate that this is still a lot of money to spend, it is worth noting that when foam body protector and hat standards change, the manufacturers of those products do not offer this option and you are forced to spend more money to be able to compete.

If you choose to have your old air vest serviced by another brand, please ensure they are replacing your airbag.

Even if your air vest hasn’t inflated since purchase, years of UVA, salt, sand etc, can degrade the internal airbag system. Even if it does seem to be inflating correctly that does not necessarily mean that it will withstand a heavy fall which is why when we service our air jackets we replace the airbag every time we service your vest.

When Point Two service your jacket, we strip the air jacket down to its bare essentials. The jackets are washed, and the working parts are updated to the latest components.
The Airbag is changed as standard.

- We will always continue to supply screw in canisters

- From 2018 onwards we will not be servicing the old screw in jackets

- We offer a 50% trade in on all old jackets, this is offer is ongoing

- All vests manufactured since October 2012 come with a lifetime warranty

- We also offer a grow with Point Two programme. If you outgrow your jacket we can move you up or down a size for £120

- We recommend jackets are serviced annually, every 6 inflation or after a particularly heavy fall. Servicing costs £59.50 and we aim to despatch back to you within 48hours

- Point Two have been official suppliers to Equestrian Team GBR since 2010

Lee Middleton

CEO Point Two Air Vests

UK: 01403 732 128 - USA:888 729 4442

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